For the past couple of years we’ve being picking up an IKEA train set each time we visited the store. It was good fun putting them together with our two daughters. For fathers day this year my wife bought me 3 new sets. We now had 11 and it got me thinking … I wondered how I could take this a little further. How big could these train sets get? What if I turned it into a little project for us all? How much patience would my wife have? Well lets find out!

There is one simple rule – there is no stopping the weekly build until the 52 weeks are up.

So we are going to be playing with IKEA train sets, BRIO engines, Mega Bloks and whatever other toys, furniture and random chaos we can include!

To be honest I’m not quite sure what the implications of this are going to be. All I know is I have a fun project with my daughters for the next year. Wish us luck!