Arya playing with railway trains
Top down train set layout for week 38
One of our trains sets with Mega Bloks supports
High Brio Engine
Toddler playing with train set and brio engine
Which toy train track would you choose?
Can you find the cat?
The view from the trains perspective - and keira running in circles :-)
Fun playing with our roller coaster train set
Ikea train set running through ikea shelves!!
Though the tunnel - playing with trains
Peter Rabbit train
Let's play mega blok trains
Mega Blok tower train set for kids
Massive wooden toy train set
BRIO engine going around the bend
The official conductor for our toy trains
Mega Block Train Set
Big train set
Playing with wooden toy trains
Outback toy train set
IKEA toy train going around the bend
Uphill train climb
Trains in the bush
Wooden toy railway
Fun train playing
Toy train set
Playing with trains
Rocky ikea train toys
Brio train climbing
Brio train engine
Train set bridge crossing
Train over bridge
Project Train Tracks at its best
Trains and tracks in the outdoors
Watching the train climb
Arya about to unleash a reverse back kick!
Huge train track being checked out by Gizmo
Catching a brio engine
Brio train at the start
Mega bloks train set
Huge mega blocks set
Mega Block Tunnel
Playing with trains tracks on high
Our week 30 flying train track
IKEA and Brio train tracks
Balloons and toy trains track kids fun
Trains sets and balloons
Keira's balloon train party
Week 28 outdoor train track
Through the cubby house train track
Watching Thomas going by
Outdoor train track on the grass
Dogs and trains mixing?
Arya with a brio engine on the grass
Kids IKEA train set fun
IKEA train tracks winding around the chairs and table
Happy times with our toy trains
Family fun with trains
Carpet train track
Poppa and Arya with trains
Toy train tunnel
Toddler with trains
Building toy train bridges
Massive kids train track
Huge kids train set fun
Bookshelf fun
Expedit working as a toy train support
IKEA Expedit trains
Wooden toy train going through the shelves
IKEA toy train
Playing with trains
Massive toy train set fun
Huge toy train track set
Zoomed in train track
IKEA mountain train track
Toy train bridges big and small
Kiera playing outdoor with wooden train track
IKEA mountain train tracks
New Years train fun
Xmas train track special
Our first big mountain train track
Our girls had lot of fun one we had this train setup done
This layout almost beat me - check the video to see what I mean :-)
Lots of train bridges in this one
Our week 11 train set layout
Today was a pijama day with the train sets
Our train sets are off the carpet! Bigger things to come!
Both Keira and Arya were big helpers with this one!
Lots of fun with this kids train set
Check out our big week 6 train set
Arya was having lots of fun picking up the pieces :-)
Keira loved this train set layout
3 ikea train sets all joined up for the trains
Week 2 and we are having lots of fun
Our first train set